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If you told me back in college that I would be a scrum master focusing on building people I would have scoffed at the idea.


I wasn’t interested in things like that.


My passions were aflame for programming complex data structures, memory management, ray tracing, compiler natural language parsing and many more of the technical aspects that come with studying computer science.


Once something sparks my passion, I obsessively learn as much as possible about it, acquiring knowledge like no other, going further than everyone around me.

I started surfing, I learned how to read weather charts, swell sizes and began making my own predictions and had nearly a dozen boards for each type of occasion.


Every Saturday and Sunday morning I would rise at 0400 and being a 3-hour drive with some surfboards and friends to surf and check if my predictions were correct.


I started playing the guitar, then began collecting, had my own band, went on stage performing.


Before I knew it, I was recording, mixing, and mastering our own songs in my own home studio.




And then there was Scrum.


Scrum caught my interested about 10 years ago.


I thought it was such a small framework but it was hard to get everyone on board and practice it correctly.


I began looking for answers to questions in all sorts of locations which brought me to studying Toyota, what they were doing and why.


I went far and wide in how to get the best of people, why certain techniques work while others wouldn’t.


Now, I see the beautiful simplicity at its heart & the true spirit of scrum.


Using scrum I build engaged teams that deliver, learn and enjoy work.


Scrum truly works.

What I offer:

Scrum Master for:

  • Business Intelligence,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Software Development,
  • E-Trade and Online Payments

Agile Coaching

  • No nonsense, common sense approach to fixing real world challenges
  • Helping the organisation to see the forest for the trees
  • Interactive, fun and engaging

Catalyst for Change

  • My work not only affects the teams I work with directly, but spills over into the organisation making your organisation more effective across the board.


You can follow me through the social media links on the bottom of every page.


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Client Reviews

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In the past I've worked with quite some scrum masters, in multiple types of roles. Fortunately, I've had the pleasure of working with David as a Scrum Master for two of my teams at T-Mobile. As a Product Owner, the value of a good scrum master is important on many levels, whereof David knows what to do on all those levels. The key feature he brings, is working on a practical level with a good understanding of the innerworkings of teams. In the time I've worked with David, he showed me that trust is the basis of a solid working team, within the team, but also with the stakeholders and the related teams. Besides the scrum-mastering of 2 teams, he also showed pro-activeness to the right level. For any facilitation of sessions outside of the team, I just had to ask and he would come up with 4 different methods of running workshops and sessions. 10/10 I would like to work with David again in the future.

Radhakrishna Nayak Kare Atos

I had the privilege of working with David in the IT transformation journey at T-Mobile. He is one of the best Scrum masters I have worked with. He has flair to deal with people and situations. Very intuitive and practical. He has very vast knowledge about Agile way of working. His focus and dedication towards optimization and continuous improvement within process is admirable. I am sure organizations aspiring to transit to Agile mode or looking for a Srcum Master will gain a lot from David.

David is a a very knowledgable Scrum Master and very highly regarded within the team and with other stakeholders. Dave was always looking for ways to improve the way of working within the teams he worked with as well as increase team collaboration and participation. I would definitely recommend Dave and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again

Vignesh Damodharan PRODUCT OWNER at BackBase

I had the privilege to work with David at Backbase who is a seasoned scrum master.He has strong knowledge about scrum and agile principles.He is proactive , organised at work and has great facilitation skills.He understands people very well and is able to build genuine rapport very quickly. As scrum master of our team, he often experimented new techniques with the focus of continuous improvement.He was always available to assist the team to remove impediments.David is a wonderful team player and it was great fun to work with him. I would strongly recommend David as he would be a valuable asset to any organisation.

As a SCRUM master David involves the team in setting up the process by making use of different techniques such as games. Always tries to make the team evolve, how the team acts and reacts on changes from outside the team. Lessons learned can be better than a good advice, so a now and then failure will make the team grow as a team. If this lesson means a new way of working, he will endorse and support it. Ownership is what he tought me, ownership as a person, but also with the team. He is resourceful, inspiring and a great coach.

Zlatko Veselinov

Creative, facilitator and communicator are the words that comes to mind when I think about David. I had the pleasure to work in the same team with David for two years. In his position as Scrum Master, David played a key role in building and facilitating an international team in a constantly changing environment. He was continuously coaching and helping the team by introducing new techniques, tools and methods in our daily work to keep up the team performance and motivation at highest level. As a creative thinker who possesses a brilliant ideas, David is a pleasure to work with. I recommend David for any position at any organization that chooses to take benefit from his diverse skills

David is a very commited person, always trying to find a gap inthe process, so that together with his team, they can fix it quickly.It was a complete pleasure to work with David, he gave me goodinsights on how to improve my work process and become abetter proffessional.

David is an excellent Scrum Master with a strong technical background. His knowledge about Agile methodologies is very impressive. He is proactive, organised and he is continuously looking for improvements in the development process. He always stays positive and he is always ready to help. It was a pleasure and fun to work with David and I hope, I will have opportunity to work with him again.

David excelled at keeping the team working to its full potential, inan continuously changing company. Enthusiastic spirited personthat will seek to motivate and empower team members to get themost out of their capabilities within their unique areas ofexpertise.

As a part of his scrum team I have found David to be an exemplary servant leader, garnering respect from the rest of his team and always willing to get his hand dirty to get the job done. Consistently having an attitude of empowerment towards the team, removing impediments in order to let the team grow and focus on their own field of interests and expertise, whilst keeping team focus to the basic scrum concepts and principles. Communicative and social, an enthusiastic person that brought life in everyday activities, made David an integral part of a team working its full potential. A situationally aware individual, facilitating discussions and alternative approaches to conflicting situations continuously working towards improvement of the team and oneself. I am looking forward to a day to work with David again.